Illusion Hills Shows What They're Made Of On "Serena Downtown"

Riley Furey

"Serena Downtown" is the second release of an already confirmed line of songs to come out from the band in the next year, and Illusion Hills is really starting to show the world what they're capable of. On top of that, IH has collaborated with so many of my favorite artists in their genre including artists like Buppy., Ryan Hall, 8rae, and Aldn, and that only leaves me wanting more from them as we usher in 2024.

"Serena Downtown" in particular takes some flavor from some of my favorite artists including Childish Gambino (specifically the Because The Internet era) and BROCKHAMPTON, and effortlessly uses the foundation the pair set to make it into something wholly their own. The falsetto that is laden throughout the chorus and verses takes you to a new world while listening to the track, and the verses are doused in a nostalgic sound that is simultaneously cutting edge within a budding hyper-pop/rap adjacent genre.

Illusion Hills has been releasing eye catching singles alongside their onstage theatrics and stunning visuals for a while now, and I have no doubt that 2024 will seek to be one of the many breakout years for the LA based band.

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