Indoor Music Venues Are Fast Approaching in California

Artists out in California may need to wipe off their live performance cobwebs quicker than expected. The Golden State recently announced it will be reopening indoor concerts, beginning on April 15th. Yes – 9 days from today. Commenting on the state of COVID-19 in California, the senior advisor to California’s governor, Dee Dee Meyers, said “We will continue to work with businesses, arts, organizations, community groups and others to open carefully, with health and safety top of mine.”

Since you’re sitting here reading this, I can safely assume that you are an avid concert goer and you’ve been waiting for this news for some time. Well, with proof of a negative COVID test, or proof of vaccination, the indoor concert draught may soon be coming to an end.

With all of this being said: it won’t become a free-for-all when the clock hits midnight on the 15th. California has a tiered system of COVID-19 susceptible counties, so capacity will depend on which tier the venue is in. While Yellow tier counties will allow up to 50% capacity (assuming everyone shows a negative or vaccine), the Purple tier won't be able to start opening up on the 15th. Either way, put your sunglasses on: the light at the end of the tunnel is here.

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