JASMINEGOLD Release Stunner with Their Second Song Ever, “Conscious”

Freddie Fine

You know that feeling when you stumble across a song so good that you know it’s about to blow up? That’s how I feel every time I listen to “Conscious” by JASMINEGOLD. The duo, from North Florida, consists of members David Nights and Kj, who despite only having two songs out clearly have great chemistry.

“Conscious” is a beautiful blend of hip hop and a jazz-influenced instrumental with a killer sample. The track is sneakily catchy, and I found myself unexpectedly singing the hook to myself. Nights and Kj work together impeccably, their styles a perfect pairing, while also seamlessly switching off every two lines or transitioning into their respective parts with ease.

The track explores struggles with anxiety and the weight of the outside world, using a person trying to infiltrate their life as a metaphor when they sing, “Tryna get in my head but I’m too conscious / Tryna get in my bed but I’m too nauseous.” The video, tinted with colder tones, centers around trying to pick up a disconnected landline in the middle of a field.

This is a release you will regret to miss. Check out “Conscious” and the accompanying video now:

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