jeymon’s “When I'm With You” Keeps The Feel-Good Summer Mood Going

Phin Choukas

Artist jeymon continues to build off of an impressive body of music, with his newest drop “When I'm With You,” a bright, playful, up-tempo tune that might just be his strongest release yet. 2021 has been busy for jeymon, as today’s release marks his seventh single of the year. It seems as though with each drop, jeymon gains confidence in his voice and his style. After reflecting on struggling to stay true to himself on “TMW,” released in February, jeymon speaks openly in “When I'm With You,” building off of the vibrant energy harnessed in his last release, “It Won’t Be Like This Forever.” Both songs feature bright guitar, accompanied by driving, saturated drums that match jeymon’s vocal energy perfectly. jeymon said of the release, "If you love someone, it can make you do crazy things. It can make you feel ways you can’t explain. I was channelling those thoughts and feelings into this record. Thinking of that one person: and despite their know you can’t live without them.”

If you like happy, feel good music – look no further than jeymon. His most recent songs do a great job at being honest and up-front, while still feeling good-natured and energetic. “When I'm With You” is presumably another song building up to jeymon’s much anticipated debut album, which will hopefully drop later this year. In the meantime, listeners should soak up this slew of recent releases and be on the lookout for a big breakthrough for this up-and-coming artist.

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