Ashten Ray Is Haunted by Past Love on New Single “Ghost”

Rachel Guttman

If you haven’t yet heard of 23-year-old singer-songwriter, Ashten Ray, you should definitely take advantage of his latest release, which is a catchy, emotional track called, “Ghost.” The song is a melodious journey into Ashten’s mind and reveals a sense of vulnerability pertaining to an experience he had back in college.

Ashten shared that the track depicts his experience in which “he was talking to this girl for a couple weeks and everything was going amazing.” He added that she then “went ghost” on him and they “didn’t talk for weeks.” He was extremely frustrated by the situation, and it drove him crazy because it “took a 180 turn somehow overnight.” Most individuals this age can relate to the anxious feelings you get when someone you have feelings for stops talking to you out of the blue – it is no-fun experience and leaves you wondering what went wrong.

“Ghost” begins with mellow guitars leading into more upbeat drums, which sets the tone for the track. The soft sound intertwined with the punchy vocals truly set the scene and paint a picture of Ashten's journey for listeners, which include feelings of doubt and uncertainty.

Listen to Ashten Ray’s “Ghost” here:

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