Artist Spotlight: Joël

Joe DelloStritto

Refreshing R&B singer/songwriter Joël adds an experimental element to his modernized soulful sound. Pulling a wide range of influence from Lil Wayne, Nirvana, to gospel music, the Toronto native has cultivated a youthful alternative twist to R&B.⁣

His latest album, “GRUNGE GOSPEL,” is a compilation of two EPs (side A & B), with the addition of one new song added in remembrance of his grandma.⁣

“On Point” is an energy-packed R&B track on GRUNGE GOSPEL side B, in which Joël features his amicable honest lyricism over trappy hi-hats and a snug bass. The ability to glide over pockets of melodies with his graceful yet velvety voice makes for an addictive sound that'll leave you running it back.⁣

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