Artist Spotlight: Ryan Woods

Perry Avgerinos

Emerging artist Ryan Woods’ sound is like a dream you never want to end. Across the two tracks he has released so far, he’s established a unique blend of genres, combining nostalgic synth-pop with a more modern indie rock style, all with his own personal charm sprinkled on top. The result of this is music powered by a sense of familiarity and comfort, but that is also undeniably new and novel, providing listeners with a very appealing and engaging experience.⁣

Woods’ latest track, “Pillow,” aligns with the ethos of his brand and sound perfectly, relating familiar struggles with love and the desire for comfort to the desire for his pillow, perhaps the most comfortable object of all, to hug him back. Throw in the music video for the track, which replicates the retro aesthetic and nostalgia of his apparent influences, and you’ve got a perfect juxtaposition of melancholia and fun that will surely be a highlight in your 2020 playlists.

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