Kanye West Removes Chris Brown from 'Donda,' Makes Other Minor Changes

Lea Dince

Kanye West has just made a few minor changes to Donda, one month after its anticipated release. We know Ye is a perfectionist, and he’s proven that to be true time and time again. The rapper has previously taken this step with his last few albums including The Life of Pablo. Here are a few updates that were made to the album: Kanye is now on the hook on "Keep My Spirit Alive" instead of KayCyy. "New Again": Chris Brown’s backing vocals were taken off and were replaced by Kanye and the Sunday Service Choir. Brown had blasted Ye publicly for cutting off his verse from the album and uploaded his lost verse online. There is also an intense addition of bass on "Junya."

Mixing Changes:

  • God Breathe
  • Come to Life
  • Jail 2

These changes may not be implemented right away on streaming platforms as it takes a little bit for it to all roll out.

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