Ken Carson Reps Opium With Chaos: ‘A Great Chaos’ [Album Review]

Marissa Duldulao

After teasing A Great Chaos ever since this summer, Ken Carson finally releases Opium’s awaited album. On this 18-track album, we hear a strong influence from Playboi Carti’s low and high-pitched vocals. The project also features collaborations with producers and artists such as, Lil Uzi Vert, F1LTHY, Destroy Lonely, and Outtatown. Spotify also hosted an album release event for AGC in New York City on Friday the 13th, the night the project dropped. 

We get to hear a bit of what fans will be hearing on Opium’s ANTAGONIST tour starting next month. When hearing tracks like, “Fighting My Demons” and “Lose It,” you hear tons of consistent upbeat and high energy production. The album also features fellow Opium artist, Destroy Lonely on three tracks: “Singapore,” “Paranoid,” and the exciting track to hear for lots of fans (including myself), “Like This,” with rap’s top genre-bending artist, Lil Uzi Vert. 

The rollout of the album focused a lot on creative marketing as social media accounts were created to tease the project and fans spotted signs on billboards and buildings with the album name. Ken sparked tons of excitement surrounding the album release, especially when he dropped his last single from this past February, “i need u,” prior to hinting at AGC. This album emotes intense energy as Ken brings chaos to the table. 

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