kojima plus Brings Spacious Vocals with “meridian”

Ian Hansen

Consistency has been the theme of 2021 for kojima plus. He has brought his futuristic sounding, electronic and hip hop fused style to the forefront this year with four singles and the EP, cloudburst*.

His most recent single, "meridian" is a simplistic, yet dynamic track that is perfect for your night drive playlist. He starts the track humming over a reverbed synth, transitioning smoothly into relatable lyrics about a story of him in college trying to deal with love. “I been hurt so much, won’t commit so easy,” is as relatable as it gets.

"meridian" is the kind of song you can close your eyes, listen, and feel like you are being transported somewhere else for a couple of minutes. The way he harmonizes certain words adds to the laid back experience. The end is him coming around with confidence knowing he has his own style.

kojima plus does indeed have his own style and it is one that will keep him around long term. It is a style that will relate to a wide audience, while also allowing people to relax and vibe out for a couple of minutes.

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