Landon Cube’s Vocal Range Shines With “Secrets”

Ian Hansen

Landon Cube topped off 2021 in Landon Cube fashion with beautiful melodies, catchy hooks, and emotional lyrics. “Secrets” is no exception, as he floats over a beautiful and simple acoustic guitar melody bringing him back to his roots of when he would record YouTube videos of just his voice and an acoustic guitar back in 2013.

“Secrets” proves why Landon Cube deserves all of the success he has received and still has to come. He showcases an array of harmonies through the pre-hook which leads into a very catchy chorus. “All of the secrets that you kept down low and the cigarettes that you ashed on the bathroom floor,” is just one of many examples where Landon Cube sounds like he is singing so freely without a care in the world.

He matches this with a confident falsetto in the verse that is soothing to the ear as one second he is hitting those high notes following up with a more somber tone on the next line. Not many people can express their emotions as vibrant as Landon Cube, and “Secrets” is a prime example of a song that doesn’t have a second where the energy is lacking.

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