RZA and Flatbush Zombies Team Up for Tarantino Inspired Singles

Freddie Fine

The New York hip hop scene continues to kill it in 2021, as Flatbush Zombies and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan linked up for two singles. “Plug Addicts” and “Quentin Tarantino” mark the first collaborations between the two, and they certainly deliver on all accounts.

The first of the two singles, “Plug Addicts” features an instrumental that could be out of a horror film. This theme is apparent in the music video, which sees the three members of Flatbush Zombies (Meechy Darko, Erick the Architect, and Zombie Juice) posing alongside RZA in a run down theatre and bird cage, interspersed with shots of RZA torturing a man. Each Flatbush Zombies member delivers their own take on a murder scene, adding to the horror element.

RZA’s production brings not only years of experience from the top of the game, but also transcends Flatbush Zombies’ sound into yet another direction. While he does deliver a short six bars, it flows perfectly into Meechy Darko’s verse, who steals the show on this track. His hoarse style of rapping is so unique, and combined with some layered vocals adds a very intriguing element.

The second track continues on the movie-esque storytelling, duly titled “Quentin Tarantino.” It picks up right where the previous track left off – literally, as the first scene in this music video is the final scene from that of “Plug Addicts.” With the repeated chorus of “Yo, what the fuck's up in that briefcase?,” we see Flatbush Zombies flee the theatre with a briefcase, accented with all white suits in an all white, old fashioned car. It feels straight out of a Tarantino film due to the editing style of the video, further affirmed by Meechy Darko’s verse. Referring to himself as “Meechy Tarantino,” he goes on to reference various Tarantino projects such as Reservoir Dogs, The Hateful Eight, Jackie Brown, Grindhouse, Desperado, Kill Bill, and more. The clever word integration rivals some of the best I’ve ever heard, with El-P’s counting verse on “The Last Huzzah Remix” coming to mind. Erick the Architect follows a similar theme on his verse, referencing Pulp Fiction and Django.

Co-produced by RZA, Erick the Architect, and Prince Paul once again create an instrumental that could very well be the soundtrack to a film – this time an old western. While Zombie Juice is incredibly consistent, and Erick the Architect has one of the most impeccable flows on every track, it is Meechy Darko who murders these new style of beats for the trio.

While just over eight minutes in total length, the singles tell a movie’s worth of stories. Check out both tracks below:

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