Get To Know Lawsy [Interview]

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Lawsy, a North Carolina singer and rapper, has combined hip hop and R&B to come up with a new sub genre, “Sexnb.” After going viral with his recent single, “Hotel,” the rising artist looks to keep pushing his unique sound forward and become one of the greats. Get to know Lawsy below:

What has it been like to see “Hotel” go viral? What does it mean to see your work pay off?

It feels good to see all the work pay off. All of these years and now it’s working.

When you made “Hotel,” did you know it was going to be a hit? Take me through the process of making the song.

I had no clue. I came up with the whole melody by accident. My voice cracked when I was recording it, and I heard how it sounded and kept going with it.

How did you develop your unique sound?

I have been doing every type of sound for a while. I’ve done trap, pop, and everything. After finding my two favorite types of music, it was about putting that together like R&B and trap.

Go more in depth how the 'Sexnb' started and how it came about today.

I listen to so much trap music and so much R&B, and I can’t pick between them. I put them together when I’m making music. Maybe in the hook, I’ll sing it or in the verse I’ll rap. I’ll mix it and all of that and call it “Sexnb.”

How important is it as an artist to be able to mix, produce, and do everything?

So important. It helps with everything and being able to do everything. Being able to add your own stuff when in the studio and explain what you want is super important.

What is it like to see some of the biggest TikTok influencers in the world using your sound for their videos?

It’s really cool. It’s a lot of people I used to watch all of the time when I was younger so it is really cool seeing them use my song on TikTok.

Rewinding back to when it all started. What got you started making music in the first place? What’s your music background?

I always loved music. I used to play guitar and drums all of the time. I decided to make it so I got on my computer and started.

Who inspires your music?

Back then, I’d say Lil Skies. I started listening to a lot R&B too at the same time, so I’d say like Tyrese and then Tony Shhnow and 10kdunkin.

Who would be some dream collaborations in the future?

I don’t really know to be honest. I’d say Keith Sweat honestly. I really would want to be in a studio with him.

You’ve released a ton of music already this year. How important would you say consistency is to getting to the level you’re at now?

It’s probably the most important part. Being consistent and making something different that people like. Those are the two most important things you have to do.

Take me through the biggest thing you’ve learned so far since your music has taken off?

I’d say it’s more than just the music. I spend a lot of time marketing and doing the TikToks. More than 50 percent of it is doing the other stuff. That’s a big part of the process.

What can fans look forward to?

More videos from DotComNirvan, some singles, and a mixtape.

What do you want your legacy to be? Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Hopefully making good music that people like. I want to stop caring about the marketing and all of that and drop music I like.

What do you do outside of music?

It’s been just music right now.

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