Quarters of Change Release Exhilarating Single, “T Love”

Olive Soki

Following the release of “Jaded” and the updated version of  “Kiwi” earlier this year, Quarters of Change is back with “T Love,” and, well, I’m in love. Combining all of their best musical attributes into a gut-punching track, this single is the cathartic and slightly overwhelming release you’ve been waiting for.

It’s all about the build-up. Starting with a simple four-count of anticipation, the track opens up with a striking gated reverb and a brightly toned electric guitar, instantly catching your attention and making you want more. Once the intro and instrumental gist of it all has been laid-down, Ben goes into the first, and equally gut-wrenching, verse. Both projective and expressively raw, it’s easy to imagine him passionately singing his lines in front of an adoring crowd. Just as quickly as the verse starts, it smoothly slides into an alluring chorus. The kind of chorus that is meant to be aggressively sung at the top of your lungs, and capable of moving you to a tear or two.

And when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the song merges into an 80s-style switch-up, completing the vision and confirming all suspicions. From the imposing and memorable chords to the steady heartbeat of the syncopated drums, this single is the perfect proclamation of infatuation and heartbreak. Exhilarating, blistering, and crippling — it’s “T Love.” Listen to the new track below:

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