Lil Nas X is Honored with His Own Day in Atlanta

Perry Avgerinos

The Atlanta City Council has declared October 20th, 2021, as " Lil Nas X Day," as the "Industry Baby" rapper was presented a proclamation plaque by mayoral candidate, Antonio Brown last night.

Brown had to say on Nas X, "He has made a considerable impact on the LGBTQ community by reshaping how society accepts LGBTQ artists within the music industry, and empowering others to break barriers and be more open, expressive, and personal through music and art." Brown, who is a member of the LGBTQ community, has been inspired by Lil Nas X personally, and would be the first LGBTQ mayor in the history of the city if elected next month.

Lil Nas X, who is from Atlanta, accepted the plaque saying, "This is incredible..I know a lot of you probably didn't know I'm from Atlanta...I'm from the A. But seriously, this is amazing. I would not imagine I would be here four years ago, when I was at my sister's house, sleeping on the floor...This is incredible."

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