Lil Nas X Shares His Baby Registry Ahead of the Birth of ‘Montero’

Lea Dince

The marketing genius is back at it again – but this time, with a baby registry. Lil Nas X announced his debut album Montero set to release September 17th. The deeply detailed rollout for his album includes a pregnancy scheme in which the artist has been posting pregnancy content as he prepares for the arrival of his ”baby.” The album which is set to include features from Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Miley Cyrus, Elton John, and more, has been teasing the songs through Twitter and TikTok. In order to catch the attention of fans, the Atlanta native has been showing off his huge “baby bump” and going as far as sharing a baby registry.

Instead of asking for gifts, Lil Nas X utilized his platform to encourage his fans to donate to various charities. For each track featured on Montero, the artist promotes a non-profit organization that fans can contribute to. Since there are 15 songs, there are 15 different charities listed on the Baby Montero registry. Below are the names of the selected charities and a link to the registry donate:

‍1. Transinclusive Group
2. Ch-Pier
3. The Bail Project
4. Bros in Convo
5. Compassionate Atlanta
6. Relationship Unleashed
7. Central Alabama Alliance Resource & Advocacy Center/OLTT
8. Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference
9. Arianna Center
10. Thrive SS
11. What’s in the Mirror
12. Cade Foundation
13. The Counter Narrative
14. The Normal Anomaly
15. Happy Hippie

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