LZRD Makes His Return with Powerful New Track, “Anytime”

Rachel Guttman

Rising electronic dance music phenomenon and production mastermind, LZRD, has just made his epic return with the release of his new track, “Anytime.” Keenan Haan, otherwise known as LZRD, has been producing music for over six years now, and has overcome numerous obstacles thrown in his path. The Virginia-native has an extremely impressive discography, but “Anytime” definitely stands out amongst the rest. This new track puts Keenan’s unparalleled work ethic and commitment to producing the highest-quality music on display.

When I played this song for the first time, the soothing guitar that established the piece flooded my senses as it led into Lost Boy’s moving vocals. I was taken into a world of my own with the combination of powerful percussion and high-energy rhythm filling out my speakers. Keenan shared that he “really wanted to go for a very melodic, yet emotional route for this particular track.” He added that he “feels like most of his songs are melodic: however, this one gives off a different emotion that he hasn’t been able to accomplish in the past.” With the polished, uplifting production joining forces with the emotional lyrics and warm vocals, he undoubtedly accomplished this goal. Keenan said that “Anytime” is “genuinely about being there for someone through the thick and thin.” He added that he “can deeply relate to this message and he thinks that fans will too.” Not only does this song make you want to get up and dance, but it also has a sense of depth with a message that all listeners can relate to.

If you haven’t heard of LZRD yet, now is your chance to check out his music. “Anytime” is a prominent example of Keenan’s unquestionable talent, unique take on electronic music, and distinctive sound. Mark my words- expect to see him at the top of the dance music scene sooner rather than later. Take a listen to “Anytime” here:

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