Rence Catches the Lovebug in New Single, "AWOOO!"

Perry Avgerinos

There will never be too many songs with the theme of love – with infinite possible reactions to the emotion, inspiring a unique song for every artist. Today, Rence shares his own take, with his love-ballad pop offering, "AWOOO!."

"AWOOO!" begins with leisurely guitar chords, as Rence howls soul-touching melodies in admiration for a special someone. Balancing a more up-beat indie pop chorus with the intimacy of a stripped back acoustic guitar in the verses, Rence sets the tone to serenade his listeners, spreading the love and happiness he feels. Rence tracks often balance topics based on raw unfiltered emotion, blended with upbeat production, fitting moods for going out, or when you're alone on a night in.

Coming off of an electric Lollapalooza performance where he sang the Phineas and Ferb theme song (which went viral on TikTok) and his previous hit single, "Endless," Rence continues to grow both in popularity, and musically, revealing different sides to his production techniques and song structures. "AWOOO!" shows yet another page to the Rence book, and we're looking forward to the next chapter. Listen to "AWOOO!" below.

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