Maasho Delivers One for the Doubters on “roses and daffodils”

Freddie Fine

Maasho has been a name that I just can’t escape so far this year. I’ve been seeing it pop up on social media, friends telling me to listen, and now most recently, his latest single, “roses and daffodils.”

Behind a slow rising groovy instrumental, Maasho displays both his singing and rapping ability, kicked off with the melodic hook. He begins to explore how life throws you many things to overcome, almost setting you up for a failure you have to escape, singing, “Roses and daffodils / Waiting on you at the gates of hell.” A well-flowing verse sees him deliver a message for the haters, building the groundwork for who he is, before his second verse cements his place in music. An incredibly smooth beat switch splits the track in two – the light, spring feeling of the first half is traded for the dark and dramatic guitar and distortion riddled sound of the second.

Maasho has seen great success so far in his career despite still working towards his debut album, singing, “Ain’t drop an album but I'm still the goat.” Hopefully that day will come soon, and further ensure his goat status. Listen to “roses and daffodils” below:

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