Brooke Alexx Debuts Coming-of-Age Anthem "I Don't Take Pictures Anymore" on NBC's 'American Song Contest'

Perry Avgerinos

2022 has been nothing but good to independent artist Brooke Alexx. The New Jersey native, following years of hard work matched with her natural born talent sees her endeavors starting to pay dividends, as she debuts her latest relatable record in front of millions of new faces tonight as she represents New Jersey on the new NBC show American Song Contest, just weeks after performing the national anthem at an LA Clippers game.

With years of persistence and utilizing her personality to gain momentum through her growing TikTok, the Asian-American singer/songwriter has built an arsenal of a catalogue, grounded by her relatable lyricism, and ear-catching pop melodies. In "I Don't Take Pictures Anymore," Alexx dives into her past, realizing things aren't how she thought they would be, but ultimately finding comfort in how things played out. Juxtaposing her apprehensiveness in the verses with light guitar instrumentation, with the energetic assertive chorus chants of letting go, Alexx seems to have picked a strong contender for not only the show, but to win over new fans introduced to her sound for the first time.

Not only is Brooke Alexx finding her natural voice within her music, she is becoming more confident with who she is as a person, and it is creating a positive feedback loop making her destined for more success in the future. Team Sheesh wishes Brooke the best of luck on American Song Contest, and we're looking forward to more music from the rising artist in the near future.

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