Mac Miller's 2014 Mixtape 'Faces' Is Coming to Streaming Platforms

Joe DelloStritto

In 2020, Mac Miller’s 2010 mixtape K.I.D.S. got cleared for all streaming services. Since K.I.D.S. was a fan favorite, it was a glorious day for the Mac community. Those same fans who were excited back then are surely familiar with Mac’s 24-track mixtape titled Faces, released in 2014.

Well, according to Mac’s close friend and producer ID Labs, Faces will be hitting streaming services sooner rather than later. In a reddit post, ID Labs responded to a comment speculating an official Faces release, saying, “This is correct and currently happening.” Faces was home to some of Mac’s best tracks, including “Diablo” and “Here We Go,” and we’re excited to finally see it on Spotify and Apple Music. Of course, with a mountain of samples to clear, releasing this mixtape is not a one day job.

We’ve waited 7 years, though, so what’s one or two more months? It’s been more than two years since the rapper’s unfortunate death, the world has consistently been starving for more Mac. Luckily, in a couple months, Mac will take us back to 2014: a far simpler time. We’ll keep you updated on it’s release, but in the meantime, find the classic mixtape below.

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