Asha Imuno Shares New Single “PHONICS,” and Announces His Debut Album

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Manny Singh

The tone is immediate on up-and-comer Asha Imuno’s newest single. Densely serious with a hypnotic atmosphere, the track flows effortlessly between the voices and perspectives of Imuno and guests WESTSIDE BOOGIE and Tempest. The chemistry between the trio displayed on “PHONICS” is hard to comprehend beyond their shared west coast roots: they very much operate on the same wavelength, bouncing off one another with vigor. In their shared efforts, they play complementary roles, never overlapping but elevating each other with their respective performances. While Imuno is a stabilizing force with his floating chorus and verse, Tempest brings a flare to the dynamic that plays well with BOOGIE’s no-funny-business raps. It's a winning formula, creating an undeniable vibe fitting with Imuno’s established aesthetic. 

“‘PHONICS’ is a song about relationships that end up getting more complicated than what was originally intended, but it's not a heady, sappy type of song,” offers Imuno in a press release. “I used to obsess over BOOGIE's storytelling in highschool and Tempest is all around one of my favorite artists coming up out of California. We made this song for the whip and the house parties. It’s got this feeling and bounce in it that you could only get from the West Coast.” 

As his profile begins to build, it was announced there’s more to come from Asha Imuno - his debut album PINS & NEEDLES is set to arrive March 1st, promising a closer look to Imuno than we’ve ever had before. “It’s all about showing that I’m a real person with strengths, weaknesses, habits and contradictions,” he says of the music to come, intent to build on the reputation afforded to him by previous singles “PUSHING BUTTONS,” “DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME?” and “FLORIDA.” A long time top prospect, we seem to be on the verge of Asha Imuno taking the next step to becoming one of California’s most influential voices. 

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