Max Leonard: Unveiling 'JUDO!' [EP Review]

Max Leonard, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, introduces his highly anticipated debut solo project, 'JUDO!,' set for release on April 5th. Known for his role in the acclaimed trio Biking with Francis, Leonard showcases his individual artistry with a compelling mix of alternative hip hop, R&B, and bedroom pop. Max navigates through various genres, drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of artists including The Beach Boys, Frank Ocean, and Daniel Caesar. His five-song EP serves as a cathartic journey, delving into Leonard's personal experiences and emotions, marking a new chapter of self-discovery.

Highlighted by "Cold Shoulder," Leonard's first solo track since hits like "PRETTY BOY" and "JUST A FRIEND," featuring Frank Sativa and Garret Sparrow, each amassing over one million streams, the release displays his versatility and artistry. As he seamlessly transitions between genres, Leonard leaves a lasting impact on listeners. Continuing his journey of self-growth into 2024, Leonard fearlessly pushes boundaries with his melodic flows and clever lyrics. With "JUDO!", Leonard captivates audiences through his refreshingly honest storytelling and infectious charisma, promising to make a lasting impression on the music scene. Don't miss his latest single, "LOVESICK!", and stay tuned for more captivating releases from this promising artist.

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