Memoria XI Brings Nostalgic Energy with 'TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE' [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

It’s honest. It’s raw. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE is the perfect debut project for Memoria XI. He brings all of his strengths together for a perfect blend of emo-hip hop, pop, and hyperpop. It kicks off with a lush guitar on “REBORN,” by producer, Daks, who produced on six of the eight tracks. He comes with mature lyrics about growth and pain.

He follows the track up with “PARANOID” that showcases Memoria’s versatility as he flows seamlessly over a hyper pop-inspired beat. It has a melancholic guitar melody with the distorted bass lines that crash through the mix blending perfectly with his catchy vocals. He continues with the slower, “FRANCE,” which brings an acoustic approach with a beautiful guitar by producer, Aidan Han. He follows that up with “GOODBYE,” which potentially has his most vibrant vocal performance to date, as he effortlessly hits higher registers that not many artists can do. “LOVE ME” is another acoustic ballad that doesn’t have drums, which makes for an emotional experience.“

"JUST FRIENDS” and “LONELY STAR” aged like fine wine, as the two singles fit perfectly in the project and fit the exact approach Memoria wanted to take with the project. "BROKE AGAIN" wraps the project up to a tee – an emotional album about love, heartbreak, and the harsh realities about relationships. Memoria XI will be around for a long time and this is just the beginning.

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