Artist Spotlight: Mike Sabath

Joe DelloStritto

College isn’t for everyone, and this adage is especially true for musical virtuoso Mike Sabath. After deferring admission to Harvard University, the New York native has been establishing his reputation as the “hitmaker from Westchester County,” building an impressive roster of collaborators including Usher, Selena Gomez, Miguel, and several more. After making appearances on Ellen and The Voice to perform “Wave” with Meghan Trainor, Mike Sabath has officially released his first track as a solo artist.⁣

“Good Energy” hit all streaming platforms this past Friday, showcasing Sabath’s groovy and infectious production alongside exuberant vocals. Sounding like a summertime radio hit, the track sheds a positive light on the pessimistic state of the world. Possessing no shortage of talent, it’s about time Mike Sabath escapes from behind the scenes and enjoys some recognition for himself.⁣

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