Artist Spotlight: Ant Saunders

Perry Avgerinos

The viral 19 year old, Ant Saunders, transformed his production and singing/songwriting skills into a career with his chart-topping single "Yellow Hearts." The sincere New Jersey product tells a vulnerable story of a past relationship, only to result in hundreds of millions of streams thanks to the virality of TikTok. Showcasing his polished production and refined tonal quality, Ant Saunders recently debuted his first EP, "BUBBLE," proving he's not just a trend, but here to stay. Inspired by storytelling artists such as Ed Sheeran and John Legend, Saunders has the soul of an older generation, leaking into every track he touches.

His aura is both infectious and personable, and we're truly excited to watch the teen mature into his sound and continue to spread positivity with his music as he is set to tour this fall with Camila Cabello and Trevor Daniel. Spam some yellow hearts in the comments for our friend.

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