Ian’s Producer Picks of The Week: Vol. 15

Ian Hansen
'Jackman.' - Jack Harlow

Welcome to the 15th edition of my producer picks where I highlight producers that deserve their flowers for their impressive placements. This week we had a surprise album from Jack Harlow and songs from the likes of ThxSoMch, Zinadelphia, Dev Lemons, and 9lives. Here are my producer picks below:

Hollywood Cole: Jackman. – Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow caught everyone off guard with the surprise announcement of his third studio album, aptly titled "Jackman." The album was released just a few days later and from the first listen, I was utterly blown away. Jack's dynamic flows were complemented perfectly by the expertly crafted samples that went back to his roots as a rapper. One of the album's standout moments was from the brilliant production work by Hollywood Cole, who produced three tracks that quickly became some of my favorites. "They Don't Love it" with its upbeat tempo and vocal chops, "Is That Ight" with its soothing keys and enchanting background vocals, and my absolute favorite, "Blame On Me" which has a captivating vocal chop that had me in awe. Hollywood Cole's production allowed Jack to deliver some of the best rap performances of his career. Notably, Hollywood Cole has also worked with other rap icons such as Isaiah Rashad, Lil Wayne, and JID.

Marco Lesche: "Crumbled" – ThxSoMch

It is always a great day when ThxSoMch drops new music. His latest installment, “Crumbled,” reverberates with soulful melodies that tug at the heartstrings, and the guitar-laden production by Marco Lesche lends a hauntingly beautiful soundscape to his vibrant vocals. As a devoted fan of ThxSoMch's post-punk sound, I am in awe of his ability to craft such emotive music.  The announcement of ThxSoMch's debut EP, Sleez, set to release on May 19, is the icing on the cake, and I can hardly wait to listen.

Leroy Clampitt: "Cosmos" – Zinadelphia

Zinadelphia, the budding artist hailing from Philadelphia, has captured my soul with her enchanting music. She stands out with her rare gift of weaving a unique atmosphere into her songs. With her breakout hit, "Love Language," Zinadelphia established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her latest masterpiece, "Cosmos," takes a slower, more introspective approach, showcasing her angelic voice with Leroy Clampitt's masterful production. The hypnotic blend of sultry horns, funky basslines, and simple keys elevate her already captivating vocals to another realm. Zinadelphia's music resonates with the soul, and I eagerly await her future endeavors, as she continues to blaze through the music world.

Solomonophonic: "You Tear Me Apart" – Dev Lemons

Dev Lemons has proven to be a shining star in the music industry with her unwavering talent and consistent releases, and her latest track "You Tear Me Apart" is no exception. The song bursts with energy, drawing in the listener with its hypnotic harmonies and captivating flow. The production by the renowned Solomonophonic elevates the track to new heights with its whimsical bass lines that dance effortlessly in the background. The intricate layers of keys and synths provide a magical touch to the instrumental, immersing the listener in a dreamy world. Solomonophonic's production skills have already worked wonders for artists like BROCKHAMPTON and Remi Wolf, and it seems that Dev Lemons is the latest to benefit from his magic touch.

9lives: "Go (Xtayalive 2)" – Kanii & 9lives

Nothing excites me more than producers pushing boundaries and releasing unique music of their own, and 9lives is doing as well as anybody could. Fresh off his viral hit "XTAYALIVE" with jnhygs, he has once again stunned us with "Go (Xtayalive 2)" featuring Kanii, and the production is nothing short of extraordinary. The thunderous 808s and kicks blend seamlessly with the otherworldly synths, creating a sound that is both electrifying and mesmerizing. Kanii's vocals soar above the mix, almost becoming a part of the instrumentation itself. I can only hope that 9lives and Kanii will continue to create music that pushes the boundaries of what we thought was possible, and I eagerly anticipate what else 9lives has in store for us.

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