Ranking Drake's Top Five Projects

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If you don’t live under a rock, then I’m confident you’re familiar with Drake, and can probably even name quite a few of his hits. The Canadian star has seamlessly gone from acting as “Wheelchair Jimmy” on Degrassi, straight to the musical hall of fame. Just back in 2020, Drake broke the record for the most top 10 singles in the history of the US Billboard chart. Not to mention, the singer and rapper also holds records for the most entries on the Hot 100 chart, and top 40 hits. Earlier this year with the release of Scary Hours 2, Drake became the first ever to debut songs at number 1, 2, and 3 on the Hot 100 chart. It’s clear Drake has seen plenty of success, so I’m here to officially rank his best 5 projects.

5. More Life (2017)

More Life - Drake Album Cover

Coming in at the 5 spot is one of Drake’s most underrated albums: More Life. The 22-song project is all encompassing, with slappers like “Free Smoke,” and island-type bops like “Passionfruit.” Drake does his best to prove versatility on this project, reminding his fans that he can match any vibe, and any style. I can still hear the iconic whistling beat for “Portland,” as well as the all-too-catchy chorus on “Ice Melts,” curtesy of Young Thug. In a time when shorter projects were becoming the status quo, Drake flexed his ability to drop a 22-track album without a single bad track.

4. Views (2016)

Views - Drake Album Cover

A year prior to More Life, Drake dropped his 2016 20-track album Views. Views is jam-packed with hits that will live on forever. From club staples, “Hotline Bling,” to “One Dance,” to “Too Good,” Drake began solidifying his spot in the rafters of music legacy. Songs like “Weston Road Flows” displayed Drake’s ability to effortlessly flow for 4 straight minutes, and songs like “Still Here” reassured fans that Drake can still chef up hooks that live rent-free in listeners heads. Views is your classic no-skip album, and for many fans, this project represents a specific time in their personal lives. With this being said, Views enters the top 5 at #4.

3. Nothing Was The Same (2013)

Nothing Was The Same - Drake Album Cover

Drake wasn’t lying when he titled his 2013 project Nothing Was The Same. Although Take Care might’ve put the Canadian rapper on the map, Nothing Was The Same made sure Drake would stay on the map for a long, long time. Some notable hits from this album are “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” “Started From the Bottom,” and “All Me.” The rapper provides us with a healthy mixture of smooth, gliding tracks like “From Time” with Jhene Aiko, and hard-hitting trap songs like “Worst Behavior.” Not to mention, the album artwork displaying Drake with a background of clouds is nothing less than iconic, as I’m sure we’ve all taken a SnapChat with the caption “Nothing Was the Same” in front of a blue sky background at one point or another. Thus, a crisp bronze medal rightfully goes to Nothing Was The Same.

2. Scorpion (2018)

Scorpion - Drake Album Cover

Some people may argue with Scorpion earning the silver medal, but bare with me. Most fans forget songs like “In My Feelings,” “Nice for What,” and “God’s Plan” held a spot on this album. These three tracks are some of Drake’s most popular of all-time, as the Canadian rapper had fans asking a hypothetical Kiki if she was “riding” for months on end. The album had two sides, with the first half containing slappers like “Nonstop” and “Mob Ties,” and the second half lightening up with songs like “Blue Tint,” and “Don’t Matter To Me,” which even featured the late-legend Michael Jackson. 25 tracks in total, Drake shows his entire arsenal with Scorpion, earning the 2nd spot in My Five.

1. Take Care (2011)

Take Care - Drake Album Cover

Ah, the all-time classic. Take Care was released in 2011, and still stands strong as Drake’s greatest project to date. Let’s be honest here, if you don’t know every single lyric to “The Motto,” who are you? Take Care included hits like “Headlines,” “Marvins Room,” and title track “Take Care” with Rihanna, and started the conversation if Drake was the top artist in the game. The Canadian native puts his vulnerable personality on display in this project, and truly opens up to his fans regarding his sensitive side. Tracks like “Make Me Proud,” “Underground Kings,” and “HYFR” are classics to this day, and hold solidified spots in the Drake Hall of Fame. Widely regarded as Drake’s best album of all time, Take Care is awarded the golden medal.

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