Prepare For a "Good Time" At David Grutman And Pharrell Williams' Latest Hospitality Endeavor

Rachel Guttman

David Grutman and Pharrell Williams have teamed up to collaborate for another partnership on a new endeavor – The Goodtime Hotel. The new South Beach-based hotel is now opening its doors to the public, located on Washington Avenue and 6th Street, which is comprised of two hundred and sixty-six rooms of plush avant-garde decoration and design, across one hundred thousand square feet.

The Goodtime Hotel was developed by a dream-team made up of Grutman, Williams, and real estate developers, Michael Fascitelli and Eric Birnbaum from Imperial Companies – who worked closely with lead architect Morris Adjmi, landscape architect, Raymond Jungles, and lead designer, Ken Fulk. Their hotel aims to bring a unique building to Miami Beach with its distinct aesthetic and ideals. The Goodtime Hotel’s main goal is to promote a well-balanced lifestyle for their guests – a tropical paradise, allowing its guests the opportunity to remain equal parts active and relaxed.

With an Art Deco feel to the building overall, The Goodtime Hotel is set apart by its open atrium entryway, beautiful hand-painted murals, and decorative plastering. Most rooms in the hotel face the ocean, so guests can enjoy both the inside and outside features of this distinct structure. In addition to the decorative aspects of the hotel, it features a bar called Strawberry Moon and a thirty-thousand square foot pool club. To promote its overarching goals for guests to relax while simultaneously remaining active, The Goodtime Hotel has a number of retail stores on the bottom floor, a gym with a variety of equipment, and a library allowing for meetings or casual coffees with friends. The Goodtime Hotel opens for business on April 15th, 2021. Visit or @thegoodtimehotel on Instagram for more information and bookings.

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