Myles Lloyd Is Full of Fresh Melodies in New Single "Down Under"

Ian Hansen

Montreal singer and songwriter, Myles Lloyd brings out his vocals presence with his recent single, “Down Under.”

It’s exotic in nature, with catchy and powerful production. Lloyd brings the track to life with his anthemic harmonies and emotional lyrics. He is a natural with his vocals and it shows with this classy single.

Lloyd has always been one to put his real-life thoughts and scenarios in his songs, and he uses music as a release. As he alludes in the track, he can see the destination and he feels close to reaching the top.

He’s pulled his melodic inspirations from the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, Drake, and Bruno Mars, and it shows, with his vocal versatility and ability to so naturally hit an array of notes.

Lloyd has already released four tracks this year and has proven with his voice and creative production, that he is headed in the right direction.

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