Max Bennett Kelly Travels Back to His Youth in “Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted” Visualizer

Perry Avgerinos

Max Bennett Kelly makes his debut on Sheesh today, with the official visualizer for his breakout single, "Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted." Kelly may have just struck his first viral single this summer, and yes, largely thanks to his capitalization on TikTok, but Kelly's alt-rocker persona has been years in the making.

Reigning from Seattle, Washington, Max Bennett Kelly began his musical journey playing and touring in bands since high school. Bridging his nostalgic teenage angst years with the new era alt-rock resurgence (among other genre influences), Kelly launched his solo project in 2020, after covid left his band in disarray. If there's one thing that's now crystal clear, it's that Max is on to something, and he's not looking back.

The visualizer taps into the inspiration behind the track. Kelly says, "I was really inspired by the many times I would wake up in the middle of the night as a kid, and feel like I'm in a fever dream. Constantly flipping through channels and never being able to fall back asleep. I also thought it would be cool to see all of these clips that are newer being played off of an old tv, "how uncanny is that?" This video had a lot of happy accidents that made it what it is." There is an apparent cohesion with the song and the visual, thanks to Kelly shooting, directing, and editing it himself, showing clips from Naruto, which is referenced in his lyrics.

Kelly is also self-produced when it comes to his music, ultimately making him a multi-faceted true artist, encompassing multiple definitions of the far-too candidly used term. Keep an eye on Max Bennett Kelly as he prepares to fuel his momentum with new music in the near future. Watch the visualizer below:

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