Noah Guy Reconnects with His Older Brother in “BROTHER’S KEEPER”

Perry Avgerinos
@nateguenther + @na.jai

That swanky smooth guy from Pennsylvania is back, repping his Philly roots in his latest release, “BROTHER’S KEEPER.” Singing directly to his blood big brother, Noah Guy warns him when he sings “you don’t know the damage in this life / (whatchu doing this for?),” alluding to the time spent away from each other while Noah pursues the artist lifestyle he chose for himself across the country.

Always touching on relatable, yet personal topics, Noah Guy reconnects with his brother through his music, addressing the guilt of letting time pass as he pursues his music career, shedding light on the fact that it isn’t an all glory, no struggle lifestyle. “BROTHER’S KEEPER” sonically lays in a soundscape of a late night, jazz filled lounge, with dimmed, warm lighting, and cigar smoke slowly consuming the room. Noah wrote in an Instagram caption “Wrote this song for my big brother. At the time, i hadn’t seen him in almost 2 years. Last year we finally reconnected in the physical and i realized how much i owe him…”

With his ear grabbing vocal range and delivery, Noah Guy masks this personal story with catchy production, and a hook that’ll have you singing along, just like every other Noah Guy record. As someone pursing a similar life across the country from my two brothers, this hit home for me, not to mention Noah Guy and I happen to be from the same area in Philly. I’m rooting heavily for Noah, and I’m convinced he can’t make a bad song.

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