gianni & kyle Can’t Escape Having “strings attached” in Latest Single

Perry Avgerinos

gianni & kyle are here with single 003 since their revamp, with “strings attached” – this time bringing wavy guitar strums, hard drumwork, and a stank face bassline to set the stage for the boys to simply, well, do their thing.

gianni starts the song off teasing the chorus, only to be properly introduced with kyle’s verse and usual effortless cadence and flows. By the time gianni comes back in for the full pre-chorus, listeners are hooked on the kool-aid that is gianni & kyle’s addicting flavor of pop rap/r&b. The duo’s revamp really just builds on the sound that fostered their fanbase since the start, bringing an edgier production style and lyricism, yet the same delicate melodies from gianni to complement this new energy.

As mentioned by gianni on their IG story, “strings attached” is really just the strongest song in their catalog until the next one drops. Each new release adds a new piece to the puzzle, constructing a new sound that is familiar, yet novelty at the same time.

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