Noname Announces Potential End of Her Music Career

Freddie Fine

Chicago rapper Noname posted on her Instagram story on Sunday, December 5th that her music career may be over, saying, “most days i’m not sure if i’ll ever make music again. The last time i was consistently making songs was 4 years ago. it’s been so hard to find producers to link up with and who i genuinely connect with sonically. im truly grateful for the art i was able to release but that might be it from me.”

This statement comes after announcing earlier this year that she was working on her album Factory Baby, but it appears that has been scrapped. It is a shame to see this happen to Noname, who released two classic albums in Telefone and Room 25 in 2016 and 2018, respectively. She also released the single “Rainforest” this year, but that may have been her final music release.

She went on to say, “like it shouldn’t be this hard. no lie this shit actually makes me incredibly sad and i rarely leave the crib these days. i don’t want to keep lying and saying there’s an album on the way when there’s not. i’m sorry i’ve lead y’all on. i wanted to believe things would change but they haven’t.”

It’s important that Noname can focus on herself now without the outside pressure of having to put new music out. This certainly won’t be the last anyone hears from her, as she continues her amazing work outside of music. She is a big political activist, amassing a large following on social media where she never shies away from sharing her thoughts and opinions. She runs a book club and a free community library, while also working to provide literature for people in prison – most recently sending 900 books to incarcerated book club members.

Hopefully we will hear Noname on a song again in the future. If not, she can retire knowing she has accomplished a lot in her short and very sweet career.

Noname via Instagram Story

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