North Naim Invites You to “Swim In The Light” with His New Single, “444”

Olive Soki

Good omens, they're all around us. Double rainbows, four leaf clovers, and angel numbers. They’re here and waiting for you to claim yours. And, here to collect and make a contribution of his own, North Naim is back with his new single, “444,” wishing us all godspeed on our journey towards the light.

Referencing the angel number of change and new beginnings, Naim uses his own spiritual findings to fuel his luminous anthem. As he slowly sheds the skin of the past, he prepares to walk towards better times, herding us all onto a hopeful path. With verses tackling self-assurance, the importance of community, and silver-linings, he slowly spreads his wings to their full and glorious width. Accompanied by a string of wailing guitar solos, “444” personifies the long and sometimes painful process of healing required to move on to the next phase of life. The cathartic element of the song lies in the guitar's dynamic and legato phrasing. Both alluding to sorrow, and freedom, each solo never fails to add a hypnotic and borderline subliminal element to the song. Whether you subscribe to a life of superstition, “444” is North Naim's angelic offering, and yours to claim for guidance and good measure.

Following the release of his debut single “River,” North continues to lay the foundations for what is looking to be a fruitful and beautiful discography.

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