Dreamer Boy Delivers His Nostalgic Summer Anthem, “JUMPSHOT!”

Olive Soki

I’ve always identified Dreamer Boy with summer and for good reason. Throughout the years, he’s shared music that embodies the freedom often associated with the warmer seasons, while constantly and tastefully changing up his sound. Once again reimagining growth and the perfect summer vibe, Dreamer Boy offers his new and nostalgia-inducing single “JUMPSHOT!.”

Reminiscing on early pandemic days, and the hobbies he picked up those first dreadful months, Dreamer Boy gives a glimpse into his perfect summer day and favorite pastime, basketball. Singing of sunny afternoons, perfect company, and of course, satisfactory jumpshots, it’s difficult not to get lost in your own version of a perfect summer day. A quiet walk, blissful bike ride, or even a relaxing swim, the possibilities are endless when you’re listening to “JUMPSHOT!.” In some way, the track is the perfect vessel to profess your undying love to your favorite summer hobby.

Much like any well-executed pre-midsummer jam, “JUMPSHOT!'' will instantly become your personal sun-kissed anthem. Acoustic driven, with the addition of a pulse-like beat, and windy harmonica’s, Dreamer Boy’s new single is sure to fuel your own sunny reverie. Following the release of the synth-heavy track “OVER EVERYTHING,” “JUMPSHOT!” marks the beginning of another delightful Dreamer Boy summer.

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