The Omar Apollo and Kali Uchis Dream Duo Return With Single, “Bad Life,” and Answer Questions About Upcoming Album

Freddie Fine

Mexican-American singer/songwriter Omar Apollo is back with his newest single, "Bad Life." It is the second collaboration of his with Colombian-American singer/songwriter Kali Uchis - the first being "Hey Boy" from Omar’s third album, Apolonio. He has been one of my favorite new finds of 2021, with Apolonio being one of my most listened to albums of the year. Omar took to his Discord server to do a Q&A with his fans the day before the release date, where he shared insights about his music, life, and more.

The main headlines of the Q&A were that the current title of his upcoming album is Ivory, there will be a song titled "Pretty Boy," and the album will be 45 minutes long. With his previous albums all being less than 25 minutes long, this was exciting news – especially when he asked if fans would like it even longer, going on to explain that he is leaning towards a total length of an hour. He discussed that there would be a balance of happy and sad songs, so I am expecting a clear theme throughout this album in a much longer format than we are used to from Omar. I have heard many artists speak about their albums, but I have never heard someone ooze as much pride as Omar did throughout the Q&A. It was clear he was just as excited as any fan - except me of course - for it to be out.

He also discussed various other music experiences throughout his life. He dove into his journey spoke on working at McDonalds, to recently working with Pharrell Williams, and supposedly recorded five songs together, one of which Omar hinted could be the next single off the album. He also recorded one of his most popular songs, "Pram," while living in the laundry room of a house in Indiana. At an old job interview, he was asked where he saw himself in five years - his response was as a singer. Omar said if asked the same question today, he would give the same exact answer. All of Omar’s experiences are reflected in his music, and this relatability is part of what draws in his loyal following. 

"Bad Life" certainly brings this relatability into play. Putting his voice on full display over a jazz-infused guitar rhythm, Omar toxically wishes the man he is in love with a 'bad life' when they are not together. Although the first verse is short, it sets the stage of Omar being ignored by the man he is in love with. Towards the end of the verse,  Omar taps into his inner Frank Ocean, adding background vocals to create an ethereal atmosphere, one that continues to build throughout the track. Kali Uchis enters the atmosphere to deliver buttery vocals and describe the the impact of unreciprocated love, on both herself and the lover. Ending with a mysterious outro, and possible intro to the subsequent song on the inevitable album, we're left excited for what's to come.

Check out "Bad Life" below and the video which comes out Friday, November 5th:

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