Oscar Anton Finds Inspiration Everywhere He Goes (Post Card Series)

Kieran Kohorst

Independent of our personal situations, inspiration can be hard to come by. Even more difficult than finding inspiration is retaining it, holding on to it to maintain productivity. For Oscar Anton, there’s a pretty simple solution: the best way to find inspiration is to be in it, for real.

To begin 2022, Anton made it a goal of his to get out of his bedroom that had doubled as a recording studio for over a year. Like his fans, the isolation of the past few years pushed Anton to prioritize traveling in 2022, but not at the expense of his music. With each new country he has visited, he has released a song as well as a postcard addressing listeners and filling them in on his experiences. “I just want to discover new music, new inspirations, and you know, I still need to get better at making music,” Anton said in his first postcard, arriving from his first trip to Milan. Through 6 months, Anton has kept his word and delivered six culturally and sonically different songs, of course accompanied by more auditory postcards.

He has not done it alone, though. When he started this project, Anton had two goals: “First, I really need to get out of this bedroom, that’s the main one. And two, I have to work with other people.” In visiting new and exciting countries, Anton has made the effort to collaborate with native artists and producers to feature on his monthly releases. This not only exposes the listener to new voices, languages, rhythms, and styles, but continues to build and influence Anton as an artist. Though it is a project he is hosting, he is more or less playing the guest role on each track, having to be adaptable to the new sounds of the country he’s occupying. So far, he has recruited VV (Milan, Italy), Fil Bo Riva (Berlin, Germany), Dani (Madrid, Spain), Nilipek (Istanbul, Turkey), Blanks (Amsterdam, Netherlands), and Voyou (Paris, France). 

From Paris himself, Anton’s postcards reflect the most attractive qualities of his music, as they are soothing, free-flowing narrations of his trip and work with the featured artists. Just as typical postcards are intended, the audio notes are personal and honest, the perfect medium for Anton’s wholesome approach to music and, as is discovered through his postcards, life as well.

While a unique approach, Anton is no stranger to holding himself accountable to a demanding schedule. In 2020, he released three songs a month for the entire year, recording, producing, and mixing the music in his own bedroom. As is likely relatable for others, inspiration can be hard to come by when entrapped between four walls. Taking a proactive approach to say the least, Anton has cracked the code on how to maintain inspiration, and that is going to it directly. With 6 months left in the year, stay tuned to see where Anton will be visiting and certainly creating next.

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