Bow Down to Yourself with Osé’s latest release “JJC”

Emma Neveux

Screaming loud to prove your point doesn’t always mean that people are going to listen more. From past experiences, it usually makes things worse. The art of good communication relies heavily on self control and peacefulness. If you don’t believe me, just listen to Osé’s latest release “JJC,” she’s a master at it.

The Nigerian-Canadian rising sensation is back with a soothing track that will make you press play on repeat. Rooted in her Nigerian heritage, her track is inspired by the slang word “Johnny Just Come”, which refers to a person who is inexperienced and unacquainted with a specific area. Osé employs this term to assert herself as someone strong and far from being naive despite her untainted looks. Through her comforting vocals and laidback production, she conveys an almost detached indifference to anyone who would attempt to take advantage of her. Her soulful color palette makes her rise above the judgements and dark energies that stand in front of her. The experience is almost humbling.

Her signature smooth R&B and soul vocals are flirting throughout the track with a playful natural guitar, that adds this tone of innocence and charm that’s so relaxing to the ear. With a groove reminiscent of icons such as H.E.R. and Jhené Aiko, Osé is gracing us with a reassuring yet punchy flow that brings us back to the essentials of the R&B and soul era.

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