Tai Verdes Makes Indie Rock Now?

Riley Furey

Tai Verdes has managed to stay relevant with his music ever since the release of "Stuck In The Middle," and it’s because of exactly what he does on songs like “Pipe Down.” Most artists, whether they mean to or not, box themselves into a sound that fans can expect to hear bits of in every release, yet somehow Tai Verdes has managed to avoid this phenomena.

We’re used to hearing rap inspired pop music like the past two to three singles he’s put out, but “Pipe Down” is an experimental indie rock track that we could have received from bands like Radiohead in the early 2000’s. It is the most out of the box song I have ever seen him release, and this leaves me feeling very optimistic for what’s to come in 2024.

The industry has been in a very sound bitey and short term gratification era for a few years now, but with artists like Tai Verdes and Souly Had really starting to take their time to deliver cutting edge experimentation, I have a feeling this year will be a musical renaissance for the better.

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