pastels Pushes All The Right Buttons on ‘Love Garden’ LP [Album Review]

Kieran Kohorst

Soundtracks are an essential part of our lives - no matter what the occasion or event, every situation is benefitted by a collection of songs that fit each moment seamlessly. The next time you head to a garden party only one tracklist should be on your mind, that being pastel’s newest release Love Garden

The Vietnamese-Australian producer’s latest album is anchored by entrancing instrumentals, leaving room for listeners to shape the music as they see fit. When a vocalist does grace a track, they appear naturally, bolstering the song without distracting from its ambiance. The voices of Jessica Domingo, ThatKidMaz, Eileen Sho Ji, and Hazel are inserted tastefully, the project curated to fit the spaces it will inherently occupy. Described by the artist as “an album reflecting on love and relationships,” the romantics of Love Garden are tangible throughout. pastels talents as a producer extend beyond the boards, her artistry unbound. In the absence of a voice, Love Garden speaks for itself, and you can hear its resounding call for a garden party from the moment you press play.

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