Destin Laurel’s ‘Westin Wednesday, Vol. 1’ Puts Him on Another Level [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

Atlanta has a rich history of producing highly talented hip-hop artists, and yet Destin Laurel stands out for his unique approach to incorporating vocals across R&B, trap, and even pop genres. His recent project, Westin Wednesday, Vol. truly showcases this distinctiveness.

Over the past year, Laurel has shown exceptional growth, emphasizing the importance of consistency in his artistry. The album opens with "fall'," featuring a captivating boom bap vibe and a soulful sample that serves as the backdrop for Laurel's infectious vocals. Personally, my favorite track, "istheresome1else'," captivates with its well-executed sample and retro basslines, seamlessly transitioning into energetic 808s and one of Laurel's most impressive vocal performances to date.

"K4ci's interlude'," another standout, cleverly samples Kaycyy's "Hold you up (feat. Annahstasia & Steven Bamidele)," which happened to be one of my favorite songs from 2022. Destin Laurel does justice to the original, infusing it with his unique style. "love & confessions'," accompanied by beautiful guitars, further demonstrates Laurel's ability to command the stage with his vocals. And let's not forget "new edition'," a compelling fusion of jersey club and R&B that breaks new ground in a captivating way.

This project offers a refreshing listening experience, unlike anything I've encountered this year. It fills me with anticipation for the future of Destin Laurel, knowing that he will continue to elevate his craft and deliver exceptional music

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