Paul McCartney and Dominic Fike: An Unassumingly Brilliant Pair

Audrey Brandes

Well here’s one duo that I would have never expected. Alternative star Dominic Fike has collaborated with the living rock legend Paul McCartney on a modernly stylized rendition of “The Kiss of Venus.” McCartney has been teaming up with a variety of contemporary artists – like Beck, Phoebe Bridgers, Anderson .Paak, and Blood Orange, to name a few – to culminate his upcoming covers album. The project doesn’t drop until April 16th, but Fike and McCartney have given us a taste of what is to be expected: geniusly reimagined versions of the classic tracks we know and love.

On his version of “The Kiss of Venus,” Fike transforms a gentle, folk-like ballad into a soaring pop hit with some groovy R&B flair. Simultaneously retro and contemporary, Fike pays homage to the Beatles’ style, incorporating the psychedelic rock elements that McCartney and his former band members are known for. Fike and McCartney masterfully intertwine the unmistakable sounds of 60s rock: keyboards, funky guitar riffs, and muted vocals all the while staying true to Fike’s own distinct style.

Compared to the gentle original version, Fike’s cover feels like a breakthrough – climactic, passionate, and ever-accelerating. Last year, McCartney revealed that he is a big fan of the alt-hip-hop newcomer, and it’s easy to see why. Fike has taken this classic track and evolved it into something transcendent.

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