PearPop Lets TikTok Influencers Monetize Their Content With Fans

Noah Schwartz

Most of us know by now that TikTok has become a massive deal within the music industry. We’ve seen artists blow up in front of our eyes so quickly with the type of virility and reach that the platform offers. With that being said, a new LA-based company called “PearPop” is here to make it easier to collaborate with notable influencers and musicians.

The platform is quite simple. It allows TikTok celebrities to set a certain price for sharing screen time whether it’s dropping a comment, liking a video, or a duet. They can accept bids and preview the content to approve to make sure it’s aligned with their persona on TikTok. The payment is made through Stripe and the software verifies payment. Once paid, the celebrity will execute on the task. This is clearly a great way to help influencers monetize more and help other creators gain recognition and reminds me of the company “Cameo.” As of now, not many artists are on the platform and it’s definitely more social media influencers, but Snoop Dogg is listed for $1,000. This is certainly a company I’m keeping an eye on in 2021.

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