Peter McPoland Is Back and Better than Ever with a Brand New Single, “Digital Silence”

Olive Soki
Ryan Falcoa

From the release of his debut EP, Slow Down, to headlining his first North American tour, and opening for Twenty One Pilots in the fall, 2022 was a big year for Peter McPolan. Following his year of triumph, it was only fair that he took a small step back to rest and recharge. While the general goal was to slow down, he never completely lost touch with his supportive fanbase. This connection came in handy once he started sharing snippets of the new sound he’d concocted during his time away.

A complete 180 from his usual sound, “Digital Silence” came about when Peter decided to take a stab at exploring bolder sounds, and “...make angrier songs.” Sometime along this journey he also garnered a new love for production, showcased throughout this new single. While his previous EP did explore more of his singer-songwriter qualities, it never lacked passion or energy, making this a seemingly natural shift in his career.

Dissonant and dynamic in nature, “Digital Silence” feels like a cautionary tale. This quality is only amplified by its fervent production, and exacting lyrics, which ooze ‌frustration and vigilance. While this might not be the sound Peter’s fans were first introduced to, “Digital Silence” does well on showcasing the many ways in which Peter’s talent transcends genres and expectations.

Marking his return from a resonant eight month hiatus, “Digital Silence” ushers us into a new chapter in Peter’s career: a chapter which may or may not include “an album about as big as the size of [his] Spotify catalog.” - his words not mine.

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