PHOCUS Is The Answer To Your Creative Roadblocks

Olive Soki

Anybody who’s remotely aware of recent wellness trends has most likely heard of the health benefits of Kombucha. While it is important to prioritize physical health, the tides are changing towards ways to maximize mental health through wellness beverages. In response to this new market, Kin Euphorics was launched in 2017, popularizing non-alcoholic beverages designed to boost your mind and body. 

Moving forward with a new and specialized vision, Louisville Kentucky beverage company PHOCUS has launched their new enhanced water beverage, endorsed by Mr. Louisville himself, Jack Harlow. Conceived with the sole purpose of promoting creativity and extending its window of occurrence, PHOCUS may be the cure to your next creative rut. Containing five straightforward ingredients, including L-Theanine (an amino acid found in plants which possess calming properties) it is only a matter of time before PHOCUS becomes your favorite artists go-to studio drink.

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