The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of March 2023

Arcy Drive

Today, we give you a new batch of artists catching our attention this month. There truly is so much good music coming out every day that it can be somewhat overwhelming as a music fan. Let us help you filter out the noise, and get a taste of some of the best of all genre influences, cultures, and geographies. Without further ado, we give you the best artists of March 2023.


Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Recommended Tracks: “Protection (CALL 444)” “Sex on GPS" “Satellites & Rearview Mirrors”

Spotify Monthlies: 16,346

Maesu Sheesh Media

For better or worse, the company you keep informs your identity. For Maesu, this has assuredly been for the better: with collaborations with Amaarae, Kari Faux, CKay, and Ludwig Göransson under his belt, Maesu’s solo work has only benefited from his association with some of music’s elite. His resume includes a placement on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever with his track “A Body, A Coffin,” multiple Billboard Top 100 entries, and critical acclaim from across the industry.

The LA-based artist is primed for a breakout sooner rather than later, as he announced his debut project JamPak Spring ‘23 to be shared on April 11th, which will feature the hypnotic “Protection (Call 444).” With each listen, you fall deeper into a vibe-induced trance induced by Maesu’s knack for blending genres into insatiable noise. Just off the heels of touring with ¿Téo?, Maesu keeps the pedal to the floor as fans new and old await JamPak Spring ‘23. – Kieran Kohorst


Hometown: Washington Heights, NY

Recommended Tracks: “Top Bitch!” “Brand New!” “WOODCHUCK!”

Spotify Monthlies: 520,577

Hudi Sheesh Media

Washington Heights, NY native Hudi brings a nostalgic early 2000’s r&b / hip-hop sound wrapped in modern day nuances and textures. Hit latest “Top Bitch!” sees this sound taken to new heights, from the self-produced instrumental, down to the vintage digital camera footage of the “off the cuff” lyric video. Reviving everything that was so great about that era’s sound, Hudi shows off his own swagger with raw flows, a catchy hook, and equally as catchy production.

Hudi has been at this music thing for a minute. Having seen him perform back in 2019, it’s impressive to see his continued growth, and his two 2023 singles “Brand New!” and “Top Bitch!” show the polish and elevated cohesion for his project. If you dive deeper in his catalog, you’ll find his most popular songs “WOODCHUCK!” and “Rain,” ranging from hip-hop – to house, a testament to Hudi’s ability to lead the diversity of his sound through his own production. Welcome to the lineup Hudi. – Perry Avgerinos


Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Recommended Tracks: “i wanna be your right hand” “what if i took it off you?” “paper thin”

Spotify Monthlies: 242,087

Nemahsis Sheesh Media

An artist worthy of obsession, Nemahsis has an identity that far eclipses music. Her viral moment was sparked by her stand against exploitation, an offense she has fallen victim to many times as a Muslim woman POC. Released in January 2022, “Dollar Signs” offers a more melodic account of her experiences, of which she shared further with NME. Her activism gives way to her self-expression, singing with impunity about all that brings her pleasure and pain. The Palestinian-Canadian creative takes no shortcuts when it comes to her art: no word is wasted and no scene is forgotten, as evidenced in Nemahsis’ several music videos to date.

Her visuals range from the intimidatingly-long eye contact of “what if i took it off you?” to the intentionally clumsy choreography of “i wanna be your right hand”, as well as the eerily transformative nature of “criminal.” Her voice adds dimensions to the superficial, one uniquely suited to her artistic volatility. Nemahsis plays as someone well aware of her surroundings; more dangerously, she is someone who knows what she stands for. There’s no one else that deserves a listen more than the one who will bear it all for the sake of the art. – Kieran Kohorst

Arcy Drive

Hometown: Northport, NY

Recommended Tracks: "Roll My Stone" "Smoke & Fire" "Colorado Kyle"

Spotify Monthlies: 94,906

Arcy Drive Sheesh Media

While Arcy Drive may prefer to self-describe themselves as an “Attic-Rock” band, there is no denying that their attic-originated music has graduated to the big stage. Since releasing their first single, “Roll My Stone,” in 2022, the four-piece band has taken the indie-rock scene by storm. With an off-kilter sound — and incredible marketing on TikTok — the New York based band has quickly gathered a large following.

To end 2022, Arcy Drive dropped an album that is fully composed of live recordings called Attic Sessions, which shows the band stick to their roots and keep their sound truly authentic. Take my advice on this: if you are ever taking any type of road trip, ensure you have this album somewhere in the queue — it will make the ride far more enjoyable. Arcy Drive has displayed their limitless potential in less than a calendar year of releasing music, so imagine what the future holds for this one-of-a-kind band. – Nate Fenningdorf

The South Hill Experiment

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Recommended Tracks: “Gabo’s Last Resort” "Chameleons" "Hyakutake"

Spotify Monthlies: 266,146

The South Hill Experiment Sheesh Media

A duo made up of two brothers, Baird and Gabe Acheson, The South Hill Experiment is a musical project founded in the pair's mutual love for music and experimentation. While both siblings have worked on musical ventures of their own, The South Hill Experiment, as stated in their manifesto, is a space which allows them to throw caution to the wind and let go of any creative restrictions. An opportunity for them to explore their creative goals and give into the musical impulses they’ve felt since their younger days.

Their recent singles serve as a testament to the freedom found in this new venture. With tracks filled with soothing textures and perpetual movement, like “Gabo’s Last Resort,” and “Chameleons,” which fits it’s title perfectly considering its ever changing forms and moods, The South Hill Experiment is the duo you should be looking to for all things concerning modern psychedelia and overall inspiration. – Olive Soki

Juliet Ivy

Hometown: New York City

Recommended Tracks: "MY LIL PONY" "ZOOM" "breakfast song"

Spotify Monthlies: 24,289

Juliet Ivy Sheesh Media

Hailing from New York City, Juliet Ivy’s entrance into the music industry puts a unique spin on hyperpop and indie sounds, singing along soft currents of distorted baselines and bouncy production edits, Ivy sits lightly, reminding us not to take everything so seriously. In her debut single “ZOOM” which she co-released with up and coming artist Jeffrey Eli in 2021, the pop singer sets up a playful ballad that brushes off the need for any deep philosophical analysis, with references to pandemic frustrations, the artist puts a twist on generational love and its complicated lanes of distanced connection, sometimes things simply don’t make sense and thats okay.

“MY LIL PONY” follows a similar hyperpop rhythmic production that plays with the whimsical beginnings of a crush. A lighthearted approach to the artists creative touch compliments her messages of optimism. In taking a moment to harness the scattered moments youthful ignorance, Ivy takes us along with her as she experiences the beginning of what will surely be her shot to stardom. – Sundhya Alter

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