President Trump Reportedly Considering Pardons for "High Profile Rappers" Before Term Ends

Noah Schwartz

As we all know, Trump’s time as president is coming to an end in two days, but before he makes his exit, he reportedly plans on pardoning about 100 people – which could include some high profile rappers.

For one of his last official moves as a president before President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris takeover and begin their official term, Trump plans on pardoning or commuting the sentences of dozens of his allies on his last day which is January 20th. The rappers who are being considered for a pardon weren’t specifically mentioned yet, but people believe it could be Trump endorser, Lil Wayne who recently pleaded guilty to a federal arms charge. Another rapper in speculation is Kodak Black, who’s been serving time for a federal firearms sentence. Kodak hasn’t been quiet as he’s been asking for freedom and even offered to donate $1 million to charity if he did get pardoned.

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