Lil Wayne Sued By Former Management for Over $20 Million Dollars

Joe DelloStritto

When we saw that Chance the Rapper was getting sued by his ex-manager for $3 million dollars, we had to do a double-take. That $3 million is looking like a drop in the bucket compared to the breaking news that ex-manager Ronald Sweeney and Avant Garde Management will be suing Lil Wayne to the tune of $20 million.⁣

Sweeney and Avant Garde claim that Wayne hasn't paid recovery for over 30 lawsuits, a promised 10% of his master recordings sale, along with 17% of general management compensation. After spending almost 15 years with the rapper, Sweeney decided it was time to get what was owed.⁣

To make matters worse, the self proclaimed “best rapper alive” was recently found guilty of a possession of firearm charge from last year, facing up to ten years in prison (or a $250,000 dollar bond). That $250,000 bond is looking pretty trivial compared to the day in court he'll soon be facing. It seems as though managers are starting to put their foot down, and fight for what is owed to them.

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