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I've always been the kind of person who wants to give flowers to the people who are more behind the scenes in the industry. Whether you're a photographer, a manager, or a songwriter/producer, you are equally as important as the person whose name is splayed in lights, and for that reason, I'm making my list of producers to watch in 2024. I guarantee you've heard music that was by at least 4 out of the 5 people listed below, and it's about time you were formally introduced.

Noah Levine

Everyone speaks on Jon Bellion like he's the messiah because of all of his recent work, and I wholeheartedly believe we are seeing a second coming of that energy with the resume Noah Levine has been building in the past year alone. I've watched Noah go from producing his solo music while still enrolled in Berklee, all the way to writing and composing on records with Noah Kahan, Ruel, and so many others that haven't even been released yet. Noah is a special human being, and I can only see that trend growing stronger in the next few years as he releases more solo work and continues to collaborate with other artists.

Zach Fogarty

Zach Fogarty is one of the most in demand producers out right now. His work sees no limitations as far as genre goes, and success always seems to follow with everything he touches. Singles he's worked on like “NO SZNS” by SZA and Jean Dawson, “My Simple Jeep” with Mac Demarco, and “It's In My Head” by Provoker have pushed the boundary in each respective genre they reside in, and this doesn't even mention past work with A$AP Rocky, King Princess, and Fousheé. 


BNYX has climbed the industry like monkey bars at recess in the past few years; starting by working with Yeat on multiple occasions, all the way to producing singles for Drake, Lil Uzi, and Travis Scott just two years later. He is one of the producers already working with your favorite artist, and it’s about time you got familiar with his name.

Jon Gilbert

If you're in the indie rock space you've surely heard of Jon Gilbert, and in 2024 I have a strong feeling that Jon is going to become known to the masses. He's worked with every single one of my favorite artists in the genre including Mt. Joy, Oliver Hazard, and Arcy Drive, and as these artists rise even further in prominence, Jon Gilbert's name will be set in stone as one of the greatest alternative producers of our time.


Ovrkast. is the lifeblood that is keeping the best parts of 1990’s rap production alive. His style has such a timeless feel, and after delivering some stellar work with Drake, Earl Sweatshirt, and in his solo work, I have a feeling that his run of form is set to continue in 2024.

Of course I could have highlighted the names you may have heard like Blake Slatkin, Omer Fedi, Kenny Beats, and so many others who have been at the top for a few years now, but I decided to speak on those who I see reaching even higher heights in the next 2-3 years. Historically I've never been one to keep close tabs on producers alone, but due to the quality of each and every producer on this list, that fact seems like it is going to start changing by the day.

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